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О сайте: Tripod Turnstile1033.201
* Beautiful stainless steel housing, solid and durable, elegant, aesthetic design
* Solid practical construction, waterproof, fire resistant, cold resistant
* No noise, hydraulic steady running
* Prompting message indicates the passage direction
* Bi-direction access control and single direction access control available
* Personalized connection interface, ideal for the integration with barcode cards, IC cards, ID cards, magnetic cards reader & writer, LCD display screen
* Meet the fire control requirement: Automatically open on power cut
* Cost effective solution for high traffic location such as entrance of industry, metros, offices, library, tourist spot, cinema and airports etc.
Specifications1033.201A 1033.201B1033.201C
Working modeAutomaticSemi-autoMechanical
Size (mm)420x330x980420x330x980
Weight (kg)3535
Passage width (mm)600
Tripod length (mm)510
Power supply (VAC, Hz)220±10,50/ 110±10, 60--
Power consumption (W/V)100/24--
Ambient temperature(℃)-15~+60--
Pass speed(IC)40person/min--
Input interface+12V level signal, or DC12V pulse signal width>100ms, activating current>10mA--
Emergent actionRelease on power cut--
Communication interfaceRS485--
Communication distance (m)≤1200--High Quality TRIPOD TURNSTILE

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